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by Hypersunday

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INSIGNIFICANT SIGNIFICANCE Dear glittering, emerging, acclaimed star. Sure you get hundreds of blowjobs a day Worshippers asking for your blessings Begging for touching your garment’s hem Little people who ask you to pay attention to their insignificance... Insignificance, insignificance, insignificance Your gospel is not concerned with their anxiety Thousands of prayers you’ll never read. You´ll never ear Cause you´re that digital supernatural iconic being and you decide who exists and who doesn´t exist as the other fucking great Lord did in Genesis. Because you're significant, sign ificant, so significant. Well, dear shining extatic unattainable star, This tiny people are who make you a god. We are who moulded you with red dirty mud Nonexistence. Nonentity, absence, invisibility Because we all exist if we do it in the others’ minds Like cells that finally find their stupid meaning of life Your arrogance says about you that you're a real asshole. Not really a god, At best, a significant insignificance. Significant insignificance significant insignificance significant insignificance ...
TEN THOUSAND FEET Ten thousand feet Between the plane and you Between the hell and me some scrap and misery (storm) Ten thousand feet Solidifing my pain turn in ice memories Dreams in erased cells (and I know) Across the liquid air Where nothing can be told A plain deleited brain The black tail of a dog I see (Bark it to me, babe!) Ten thousand feet I'm a fat german clown I'm a stupid easy girl I'm a rat in a dark hole the past is running over me
Plastik 04:36
PLASTIK Stealthy diving suits in a sea of rust roasted, poached, fried, frighten eyes I have nothing, Ladies and gentlemen, I´m afraid only very sad announcements to make. Then you arrived, and the sea of sadness broke in two. A God playing miracles, that was you A plastic sigh, a stream of air, a lily scourge Into the silent darkness a saving torch I fear to walk alone, my deserved mysery Give me your grace, enter the deepest parts of me Then you arrived, and the sea of sadness broke in two. A God playing miracles, that was you…
WILD CONTROL Who forged all that canned music Who gave life to all those dancers Who decided this cursed groove They're not answers to our prayers They are so many nights They are so many faces dripping drops our little lives sweating light'n graces hunger vulgar color culture dollar dagger number lover ulcer sugar sulfur rubber bigger insult looker smaller looking for being disconnected machines run out of control been injured by that damned rhythm screwing yourself stupid hopes
LIGHT Did you touch it? Could you feel it?... Where will you be when the world is on a blaze and the revolution break out growing, a malignant tumor in the liver of the town Eh, You think you´re in the center of the mix An ingredient of the mod but you're not there, you are in the limbo of a dream Living between Heaven an d Hell in a light Purgatory DID YOU TOUCH IT? COULD YOU FEEL IT?
GO, BOY! Do you think this is real? It hurts, so it must be real I have the feeling that I have not yet reached Paradise This place looks as painful as hell, won´t stay too much I came straight here only to dance, go kill the time yes, I have nothing left at all, but any crimes (rhyme) Move me… (bis)
EMPTY-INSIDE Give me some food Because I´m feeling empty A hollow glass invaded by a cloudy air I can listen the echo of my own emptiness knocking the doors of my inner corridors Maybe where soul dwells I need to eat I want to fill myself with any sense that you can sell to me I need to know that I can bite reality desire, a fever a taste of pornography Feed me, my love I´m so afraid of this gap Free me from hunger Release me from this lightness there is a secret garden inside the core'f my stomach Where every answer is waiting for lunch


released September 23, 2016


all rights reserved



Hypersunday Madrid, Spain

Hypersunday is a producer and it is also a label.
NIET! is the core of the project. We make and release unexpected electronic music. Artists: OMEGA dB, NIET!, Fernando Lagreca, Pedro Pina, Structweird, Josephine, BeatLove, Matsu, David Reina, Delusions, Senseo, Hexamoten, Resonance, C-System... Follow us and you’ll live forever. In our hearts. And, yes, also there. ... more

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